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Are we doing enough for our pets? Rodney Habib is a voice for dogs around the world. After one of his dogs, Sammie, was diagnosed with Cancer, Rodney went on a journey to discover why? What he learned along the way will surprise you and leave you with an idea that will change the way you look at your animals.

Rodney Habib is an award winning pet nutrition blogger, podcast/radio show host, magazine writer, and, most importantly, a pet parent and advocate. His popular website and blogs posts have allowed thousands of dog owners worldwide to join him in his search for answers and to share the discoveries he has made in natural dog care and trying to get his pets to ‘live forever’!

Rodney believes strongly we all need to be the change we wish to see in the world, a value very much in alignment with our event and one we are proud to support and share for you all.


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