Includes shampoo, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim, and gland expression. Also includes light trim of the face, feet and sani if needed. De-matting and flea care will be extra. 


Includes everything listed above PLUS cut and style according to breed. De-matting and flea care will be extra.


**ALL PRICES and durations are estimates until we see the dogs. Price and duration will vary according to size and breed. This service is considered cage free since most dogs will be done in about an hour (unless size or temperament draws it out), helping your pet to feel at ease. Call ahead for a quote or feel free to come in at your convenience to get an estimate.


Price and Time estimates:

XS-S Dogs (9lbs and under)

Time needed:  ~45 minutes

Bath and brush: $40 - 45+

Haircut: $50 - $60+


S-M Dogs (10 - 19lbs)

Time needed: ~45 - 60 minutes 

Bath and brush: $45 - $50+

Haircut: $55 - $65+


M-L Dogs (20 - 30lbs)

Time needed: ~60 - 75 minutes

Bath and brush: $50-$65+

Haircut: $65-$85+


L-XL Dogs (30 - 50lbs OR more)

Time needed: ~90 - 120 minutes

Bath and brush: $65 - $100

Haircut: $90+


Feel free to call ahead with any questions and we will refer you to our expert certified groomers.