FiRM UP!+ Cranberry Pumpkin Super Supplement 4oz Bag

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Pumpkin, Apple Fiber, Cranberries.

What you get with FIRM UP! + Cranberry:
Convenience. Simply Mix with water for a canned pumpkin supplement consistency. Each 4 oz bag makes the equivalent of 3 cans of other digestive pumpkin brand canned supplements, making it very cost effective and waste free.

Pumpkin, Apple Fiber, Cranberries.

What you do NOT get with FIRM UP!: The CAN! No more waste. No more mystery science projects in the fridge. Use what you need when you need it and put the rest away for next time. No worry, no waste, no can opener! Our pumpkin sets you free.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: Min 4%
Fiber: Max 40%
Crude Fat: Min .5%
Moisture: Max 8%